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What makes school interesting? It is the same thing that makes Life interesting.

Learning. Exploring. Thinking.

              Let’s make schools fun through HEAL

Pen Nations is all about tracing the roots that has made us into a giant of a nation. A tribe of people. Different

cultures, languages, colours – one nation – Nation of Education – the PenNations.

We shall explore topics from

Humanities – Social studies, History, Geography, Civic sense, Nation’s freedom struggles, World today.

Environment – right from DiCaprio’s Revenant to Al Gore’s  Nobel to Whale hunting.


Arts – world of colours and expression.

Language – from Mandarin to Spanish, from Shakespeare to Rowlings, from ancient scripts to digital codes.

It’s all here on the PenNations.com

  • Who is this for?

Teachers & Educators.
Secondary School students.
Those who love History.
Explorers and Naturalist.

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