05 -Take time for Rituals

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How do you have your TEA? With milk, without milk, no sugar, green tea or you simple want more caffeine and order a coffee!

My friends who are a big fan of the Eastern moview made me watch John Woo’s Red Cliff. An interesting movie, I must add. Infact so interesting, that I blogged about it – [http://pennations.com/2017/04/15/red-cliff-2008/]

What made me reflect in the movie was the emphasis on drinking tea.

The Samurai Tea

The Samurai not only love their tea, they cherish the moment. He didn’t gulp it, but rather took his time, reflected, watched his tea boil and devour it with grace. There was a moment in the movie where this very ritual of drinking tea, was used as a ploy to delay the enemy’s general which ultimately led to his defeat. So much with the tea.

Religion is Rituals

Now think about religion. Religion is all about Rituals – its a way of life. The small acts of worship. The mediation routine. The food ritual. A lot of sport-person follow a ritual. Indian dashing cricketer Sehwag always has a red handkerchief while batting; The legendary West Indian cricketer, Brain Lala would always set foot on the field with right foot. These are not mere superstitions but rather a list of rituals from where people derive their strength from.

Our learning from the daily rituals is to take time out for small but significant rituals on your life. Who knows, where you derive your next act of courage from.

Our lives have become too DAILY. These rituals make them meaningful. They fill our days with activities we can look forward to. Rituals are not mere checklist to tick off, but acts that help us focus and re-energize our everyday.

Three Lessons

  • paying attention [we pay attention to the detail and begin to enjoy our everyday acts]
  • timer at meeting [Rituals help us keep track of time; You plan your day better]
  • areas of focus [small everyday acts help us keep more focused and add flavour to our mundane routine]

One thought on “05 -Take time for Rituals

  1. Nice to know about tea, even I drink tea sip by sip by taking my own time. Tea should be hot, but am not gulping the hot tea in one sip.

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