A promise well kept!

Bookworm: 5 stars

The Promise of a Pencil

Spending a semester at sea, Justin Beiber as a part of your growing up team and meeting the blue eyed girl – are just some of the amazing moments in this lovely book. True to its title, the promise is well kept.

A simple request of a Pencil from a young Indian girl, changed the track, career and thinking of Adam Braun.

I had read a similar book titled, ‘Leaving Microsoft to change the world’ by John Wood. This is just equally inspiration story of an education dream, one pencil at a time.

The book is divided into thirty mantras and Adam tell his learnings in step-by-step through these mantras. The fact that the author has the courage to share his vulnerabilities, his mis-steps in the most candid fashion- makes you connect with his journey. Rarely have I accidentally come across a book with offers so much insight that makes this book so special. Anyone who has a big dream in life – this book shows you how it is done says Richard Branson and the first Mantra itself strikes a chord with you – “Why be Normal”. [Vamsi Sridhar – Magical]


5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching

BookWorm: 4 stars

5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching

I expected more from this book and while it did not disappoint, I think the ideas are there with all of our teachers. These are practical, pragmatic and implementable guidelines. Here are the 5 basic themes that this books is build on:

Networking – be part of it
Grow intellectually
Listen to inner voice
Empower student

In today’s age of fast paced school life filled with lesson planning, assessment, grading and stuff, the book offer a way out for the teachers. While this would help you grow your library, it could very well be a complimentary reading book for school circle meets.

I think this is an important book because though, as one reviewer said, its contents may be “common sense,” it is a reminder that it is necessary to take inventory and to articulate what we value. Rami shares her philosophy and its development warmly, inviting her readers to rediscover the power of collaboration. She reminds us that are practioners working on craft and we need to be aware of what we need and where to find it. She reminds us to be real in our classrooms and model vulnerability and gratitude as we learn with our colleagues and our students. [Lisa Moore – A Book to Sharpen Your Saw]