Most Likely to Succeed

The education book of the decade. The book is divided into two parts. While most of the ‘education concept’ book whines about the problems, this book is tad different. There is a sincere attempt to offer an alternate and a clear solution.

I was privileged to be a part of the special screening of the movie with the same title and a message from Ted Dintersmith. The book, if used as an academic extension for the school research, can be a valuable ally in overcoming the current challenges of the school and college system.

The topics under each academic subject, from Maths to Social studies is very well defined. I found the topic of High Education, not very relevant, but that may be because I am primary attached to the school.

Over all a great book. I felt this was just the right book for me at this stage of my school academic career. 5 stars for sure.

Sully – The drama in air

Popcorn Rating – 5 stars

I first heard about Captain Sully while reading the exceptional book Four Seconds by Peter Bregman. The chapter spoke about his passion for flying every since he could walk. Almost. He looked at the skies all day, drooled at the hangers and while his friends went gaga over Ferraris, his love was Air-crafts.

Then the movie ‘Sully’. This movie is not about the heroics in air but grit on land. While this has been dramatic and wonderfully explained, the real movie in the courtrooms.

The trauma of being labelled as a failure and a show stunt instead of being hailed a hero, that Capt Sullenberger is, the movie is about managing your fears.

As a fan of Tom Hanks over the years from Forrest Gump to Saving Private Ryan and Castaway, his odyssey with airports (Terminal) and airlines continue. Sully shows when not to lose control over your fears. Despite all the simulations pointing to a possible safe landing, Capt. Sully, made the jury and participating members realize that a simulation does not account for human emotions.

The simulating pilots, despite the best intentions, took the 155 human lives out of equation. When finally made to accept that the perfect landing was after a practice of 17 simulations, it dawned upon the members what a tragedy was averted. It is difficult not to shed tears of joy when we see such exceptional tale of survival and hope.

 Sully is similar in many ways to the Denzel Washington’s 2012 flight drama ‘Flight’, where the real battle are on in the air but post landing. In air, as in life, the real fights are not in your areas of expertise, the real battlefields are when you make real decisions based on a common benefit in areas where you are uncertain and uncomfortable.

Miracle on Hudson is about the human grit to survive, take decisions and be bold to accept the consequences of those decision. A movie, that every CEO must watch. Twice.

And yes this movie is based on the book Highest Duty by Capt. Chesley ‘Sully; Sullenberger’ and Zaslow

Silence – the unsaid word!

Silence. What a soft word it is. Sometimes not opening your mouth is the difference between life and death. Look at the Aesop fable about the talkative turtle. She just couldn’t resist the temptation of speaking her mind out.

Silence. A word that can fill the room and yet make no noise. Last week, when we were in the midst of a heavy decision making, this was the perfect prescription to solve the issues. Silence. Sometimes delaying a decision and holding on to that, just a little bit, is worth the wait.

Silence. The unspoken communication between couples. A word that can resolve crisis. A word that diffuses tension. A lot can be said, without words. A lot can be meant without saying. No wonder, they say, Speech may be Silver, but Silence is Golden.