A very different book. From the dusty airports of Africa to bag-packing in Europe.

The Happiness of Pursuit is a life long dream of travelling across the world. Armed with travel docs & lonely planet, this book will act as your catalyst to view the world.

The book takes you on a QUEST. You get to see the world though the eyes of Chris, the author. But besides, he is also a good story teller. He brings along other QUESTS. About Nate’s walk across Americas, Scott Young’s mastering MIT Curriculum in a year to Martha’s living on a tree for 400 days. Each QUEST is unique, brave and fulfills a personal ambition.

For those who love to travel, this book is lovely, gripping and adventurous. For me personally, it opened up a new QUEST that I was upon unbeknownst.

My QUEST is the GREAT INDIAN FAMILY VACATION. To visit every Indian state (29 states & 7 unions,as of today) with my three daughters and their astute mother. And pen the journey in the blog. A goal that I learnt from the book. What’s your QUEST?