About Me

About Me

I live in a castle surrounded by a Unicorn, a Purple Flying Horse and Jumping Playdough.

When not busy with my horses, I try to read, think of myself as intelligence by watching TED talks, wrote a book to be called an author. The Education Riddle on Amazon, might just be a good read for educators.



Completed education from different cities.

from lovely Andaman Islands
Engineering from Chennai [Hail Jallikattu]
MBA from Symbiosis, Pune [actually long distance PGDBA]
School Leadership & Management, IGNOU [everywhere]
Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills by The University of Melbourne, Coursera [only the name appears long]

Working with scientists as a Patent & Trademark Analyst, in Moscow and Switzerland, I observed and compared different education pedagogy and created ‘fun-learn’ approach to learning.

Summary: An Engineer, then a Entrepreneur, into an Educationist.

I loves to conduct quizzes and enjoys my sessions with teenagers. For workshops, drop a mail to dawood@burooj.org