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T.A.L.K. is a book based on years of ‘TALKING’ to youth groups, parents, teachers, at corporate seminars and extempore. The book would aid you in conducting lectures and seminars that are highly engaging, interactive and filled with wit and wisdom.

T.A.L.K. is a kind of book that you can pick for a quick lecture preparation or a good read through a speaker’s mind, while at the same time helping you become a more proficient speaker.

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Silence – the unsaid word!

Silence. What a soft word it is. Sometimes not opening your mouth is the difference between life and death. Look at the Aesop fable about the talkative turtle. She just couldn’t resist the temptation of speaking her mind out.

Silence. A word that can fill the room and yet make no noise. Last week, when we were in the midst of a heavy decision making, this was the perfect prescription to solve the issues. Silence. Sometimes delaying a decision and holding on to that, just a little bit, is worth the wait.

Silence. The unspoken communication between couples. A word that can resolve crisis. A word that diffuses tension. A lot can be said, without words. A lot can be meant without saying. No wonder, they say, Speech may be Silver, but Silence is Golden.

Why is there so much pain in this world?

It is as if pain finds you, no matter where you are and what you think. I am not referring to the physical pain, which too forms a part of this and perhaps is manifested in its other crude and dirty forms like in hunger, illness or accidents.

Is there a reason for pain? Imagine a career of a young doctor. All his life, she struggles for an education, she deserves but is unable to afford. But despite the odds, she obtains her degree. Meets and falls in love with a young and passionate doctor. They have a lovely family, blessed with two daughters. It seems nothing can go wrong and then she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. I am not sure what is more painful, the slow and sure death or the feeling of helplessness in seeing your young cheerful and innocent daughters being left abandoned. Spare a tear for her dutiful husband who is willing to go to any length to have some more time together.

Time, then, must be the most unusual and sophisticated creation. With time we live and by time we die. The passing of time has seen it all. The movements of the earth’s tectonic plates to the sprouting of the seeds. And yet, at these very moment, time seems to pause. It ceases to move. Time is like a free flowing liquid that is now contained in a jar.

The answers are contained in the lessons from history. History must be understood to understand the human tragedies. The human pain. The agonies of losing loved ones over territorial wars. The pain of seeing entire towns suffer through black deaths and plagues. The loss of human lives when we don’t understand our own moralities. And yet, ‘time seems to stand still. ‘

And as if some divine intervention happens to give me a clue. My air hostess serves me water in a cup that says, ‘time flies.’ Well, the only divinity of this was that this happened 20,000 feeds above the sea level.

Remember ‘pain’ is universal. Suffering is OPTIONAL. Be brave. Learn from History.