If Captain America was Krrish?

How does it feel to have two worlds meet? Walking into a world of fantasy has been always fascinating for me. And believe me, we can teach a lot of history thought some fiction too. After all, as kids, our heroes were more  of Superman than Lincoln. 

While, this is exactly what “Paint History” project aims to create. Love for real men and women, but let’s take a break and enjoy the comparison between Superheroes from two of the biggest movie industries across continents.


1. Captain America – Krrish (Hrithik Roshan)
that’s the original Indian SuperHero. Krrish can fly and have made sequels. Now that mean he is accepted.
While, Krrish may not have the team or the shield of Captain America, but this one hero is here to stay.


2. Iron Man (Tony Stark) – G.One (the protagonist SRK from Ra.One)
With all iron and steel, that G.One had to navigate at the airport checking, he must be the Indian version of Iron Man. While, Tony has amazing brains, our G.One is all about the heart.
That blue eyes are far better than the red ones!


3. War Machine – Robot/Enthiran (The legend Rajnikanth)

War Machine might not have such a screen presence. Colonel James Rhodes is the hero that Iron Man falls back on. All that equals nought when we hear the roars for our legend Robot. And he has got a human avatar too.

4. Black Widow – Priyanka Chopra
5. Scarlet Witch – Vidya Balan

We led the leading ladies just be. With Jai Gangajal and Kahani, our super cops are no less than Super Women. Guess, who would be our version of the powerful Wonder Woman?


6. The Vision – Mr India (Anil Kapoor)

The first invincible man we knew. Mr India just had to careful of the red lights. The literal ones, please. The Vision lives in a Utopia where he cares for the mankind, not so mcuh for privacy. Walks from the walls to Scarlet’s room, Vision knows what is takes to win battles.


7. Winter Soldier – Shahenshah (Amitabh Bachchan)
It’s the hand, of course!

8. Black Panther – Ra.One (Arjun Rampal)
All evil looks alike. While, our hero from the African Wakanda turns a Super-Hero who can hold his own in the presence of some big Marvel names, don’t underestimate R.One too. After all, it’s his name that the movie was made from. We hope, R.One too finds a place to be called the king!


9. Spider-Man (actually a child Spidey) – Zokkomon (Darsheel Safary)

You might not remember our little Zokkomon, but he sure is our child prodigy. Just like the young Spider-boy. And now, this young Spider boy’s got his own movie. And sure to help him is the Iron Man. Watch out..


10. Falcon – Flying Jatt (Tiger Shroff)
Both can fly. They are quick. When pushed, they become lethal.
Now that Falcon, has got an added flying bird jet, he can rival the desi Flying Jatt. This Jatt is all blue and can run faster than the bullets.


11. Hawkeye – Drona (Abhishek Bachchan)
Not that I really care about what Drona did, but then arrows are integral to our teams. Can there be a better sports in our schools that Shooting. Remember Arjun’s eye of the fish!


12. Ant-Man – Makkhi 
Now these insects got some lethal bites and are finally fighting people of same size!

Now, don’t ask me how do they compare. You aren’t taking it seriously! OR are you? BTW if you have read till here, I am worried, you just might!


Oh also the lost ones….

13. Thor – Shaktiman (Mukesh Khanna)


14. Hulk – Dara Singh


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