Munich – Bloodbath at 1972 Olympics

On Munich 1972

  • Popcorn Rating: 4 stars 
  • Genre: History

A tough movie to watch. Not just for the violence, acts of terrorism, deceit and lots of blood but a look at a world we have only heard of. Of spying, bombs in your bed, honey traps and secret informants. Of two sides, who are willing to go to any length and space for a place they want to call home.

Munich is based on the book ‘Vengeance’, where Israel retaliates for the 1972 Munich Olympics attack. Eleven Palestinians are identified, who are to be eliminated by a team of ex secret service men but having no connection with any current government.

It is scary when the protagonist experiences the same fear that the perpetrators have. And that includes sleeping in the corset and ripping bed, television and telephone searching for imaginary bombs. After all, it’s about the family. His wife and the infant daughter, for all he cares about in the world. Reminds me of the popular song, ‘They love their children too,’ at the height of Cold War.

I always loved Spielberg’s work and this looks like his version of a young Jew whose blood would have boiled at the barbaric act against athletes. Perhaps redemption came about in Schindler’s List. 

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