Sarbjit – A touching story

Sarbjit – A touching story

  • Popcorn Ratings: 3 stars
  • Genre: Indian Current History / Politics


Watched Sarbjit. Too painful. Almost unable to sit through someone’s real suffering. The trauma. The torture. The terrible consequence of a mistaken identify or rather a deliberate mistake.

Yet, who can give those youthful year. A single man is not punished. It is the entire family. The daughters who grew up without knowing their father. It is worse than father being dead. The wife who would have missed those moments of love, of affection, of bonding. The sister whose persistence came at a cost.

And to think, all this is not fiction. And this is not a single isolated story. Oh justice, thy take too long. I wept like an infant mid way. Had to stop and just could not muster the courage to continue.

Sarabjit, a farmer is jailed and is sentenced to death by hanging. The traumatized family, knocks all door. A single meeting after eight years is all they get. The girls, now grown up sees their father in a dilapidated state. Words are few. The man himself is a portrayal of one who has accepted the faith. Too disturbing, too real, too fearful.

While the usual message of peace, love and brotherhood does exist, it is still the pain that stands out. How I wish, it was not true!

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