06 – Feedback – Breakfast of the Champions

A CEO Teacher

An executive had an hour presentation to a group of senior managers of his company. While his immediate manager congratulated him, later he complained to his colleague that the presentation would be much polished and time shortened. The surprised colleague inquired as to why he had not conveyed the same to the executive. ‘I would have offended him,’ was the reply.

The goody trap

So often, we are trapped in this goody goody relationship that we refrain from giving our perspective. Welcome to the world of feedback. Just as much valuable is to act on good feedback, it is vital for a good relationship to be able to present the feedbacks.

Feedback – a sign of trust

Giving feedback is a sign of trust and confidence. I fondly remember my first visit after a stint in the Gulf and Europe. I wrote a long 3 page feedback to a bunch of young boys like me, who organized a conference.

That definitely was not the best way. I, however, got my message across. While, the feedback wasn’t that great, the organizers took it well and today they are among my closest circle of friends.

Three Lessons

Here are three key parameters in giving a feedback:

Don’t give feedback as:

  • Sympathy (feels patronizing)
  • Power (feels humiliating)
  • Anger (feels abusive)

As Ken Blanchard says, feedback is the breakfast of the champions. What did you have in yours?