01 – World of Distraction

A CEO Teacher

How often you have been found looking at the pile of papers on your desk, clutter of stationary in your drawers and sticky notes all over the walls? Welcome to the world of distraction. A small word that makes a big difference. 

The morning prayers

Amazingly the most important part of meditation is to take time off for meditation. How strange. Let me share a small incident as I was in my morning prayers. I wanted to spend time alone, contemplating and reflecting. However hard I tried, my mind began to drift to all those unimportant and yet immediate task that were playing ping -pong inside the head. I just came up with an exciting title for my new book and was tempted to write it down, while meditating. Then the face-book pages I wished to visit, the new hashtag that I wanted to trend on twitter or those five unread emails in my inbox. 

CCTV in Cabins

We are always surrounded by distraction. So much like the surround sound speakers by Bose! We are immersed in distraction. Have you ever been to the cabin of a CEO or a Principal who has CCTV display in his office. I have witnessed it enough time to recall that the person would glance at the CCTV camera screen every once in a while, during the conversation. Such a sheer waste of time and lack of focus. This is what distraction can do to us.

Working with the Japanese

I have worked with the Tohuku University, Japan and truly admire the Japanese in their work ethics. They bring discipline not as an act of enforcement or rigour but as a mean of culture. The Japanese take their space and silence seriously. The public address system is banned from public school because it distracts the classroom and the students from focusing on their subjects. Such discipline would ensure a distraction free life.

Three Lessons

Here are three key lessons, that a more focused life would bring:

– it improves relationship

– your dependability will increase

– it would raise your performance

A CEO Teacher

A CEO Teacher

  • Introduction

We focus on areas like Time, Relationship, Delegation, Work ethics, Emails, and Emotions.

Having worked both in the industry and then the transition to the academicia, I can safely say that the skills required for both the careers are synonymous.

There is a lot at stake in the corporate world, with career graphs, office dynamics, ever changing technology and the horrible HR. Yet when compared to the schools, the stakes can’t be more mismatched. At schools, it’s the students who are at stake.

So the corporate is about ‘us’, the schools are about ‘ours’. Then, does it not demand that we learn the same principles that makes a good corporate culture.

A CEO Teacher is about human interactions. Our aspirations (salary, growth), technology (mobiles and other gadgets)people (Principal & fellow teachers) and the daily grind of lesson plans and classroom teaching (stress, feed-backs).

The goal of these short video blogs is sharing some of the secrets I have learnt over the past decade in the industry and schools, lessons from mentors and colleagues. Hope that makes you realize your true potential, because you are a CEO Teacher!

Reference: Four Seconds by Peter Bregman [HarperOne]

Why is there so much pain in this world?

It is as if pain finds you, no matter where you are and what you think. I am not referring to the physical pain, which too forms a part of this and perhaps is manifested in its other crude and dirty forms like in hunger, illness or accidents.

Is there a reason for pain? Imagine a career of a young doctor. All his life, she struggles for an education, she deserves but is unable to afford. But despite the odds, she obtains her degree. Meets and falls in love with a young and passionate doctor. They have a lovely family, blessed with two daughters. It seems nothing can go wrong and then she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. I am not sure what is more painful, the slow and sure death or the feeling of helplessness in seeing your young cheerful and innocent daughters being left abandoned. Spare a tear for her dutiful husband who is willing to go to any length to have some more time together.

Time, then, must be the most unusual and sophisticated creation. With time we live and by time we die. The passing of time has seen it all. The movements of the earth’s tectonic plates to the sprouting of the seeds. And yet, at these very moment, time seems to pause. It ceases to move. Time is like a free flowing liquid that is now contained in a jar.

The answers are contained in the lessons from history. History must be understood to understand the human tragedies. The human pain. The agonies of losing loved ones over territorial wars. The pain of seeing entire towns suffer through black deaths and plagues. The loss of human lives when we don’t understand our own moralities. And yet, ‘time seems to stand still. ‘

And as if some divine intervention happens to give me a clue. My air hostess serves me water in a cup that says, ‘time flies.’ Well, the only divinity of this was that this happened 20,000 feeds above the sea level.

Remember ‘pain’ is universal. Suffering is OPTIONAL. Be brave. Learn from History.